The development of the ViaHuman Harmonizer began in 2013 and was essentially influenced by
the ideas of M. Emoto and V. Schauberger. Arranging the individual elements of unique design, testing different materials and efficiency of individual prototypes was completed in January 2015 and this month the product was launched. It is a device manufactured in the Czech Republic with
a patented technical solution. Its design combines the tradition of precise engineering production with the craftsmanship of Czech glassmakers. Each Harmonizer is original thanks to the elements of manual production.

At present, there are two versions of the Harmonizer, which differ mainly in the materials used. Some plastic components are used in the Standard Harmonizer. The Premium Harmonizer is made of stainless steel and glass.

The Harmonizer has a simple installation and very low maintenance. It is designed to be connected directly to water tap and is suitable for treatment of water from well and water supply system.

This is not a filter device. The effect of the Harmonizer does not affect chemical composition and is not intended for the treatment of non-drinking water.