What we enjoy is the creative combination of glass, semi-precious stones, metal, sand and many other materials that will result in a beautiful and beneficial thing. Apart from the most requested products that are displayed in the eshop, we also deal with the creation of other original products in ViaHuman design.

In line with the client’s inspiration, we design and create new designs of carafe, cups, paperweights or candlesticks that blend in with the chosen interior and energize water or space.

We will also be able to place a logo on the product and we can offer your own “corporate” carafe or candleholder to promote your brand and benefit your clients or employees at the same time.

The basic shape of the carafe (candle holder, cup, paperweights) is given by the geometry of the Golden Section and does not change and then there is no further restraints, imagination or creativity has no limits.

You can see some products from our workshop in the photo gallery.