How does it work?


The ViaHuman Harmonizer is designed to be connected directly to the water tap. This is not a filter device.
The problem of faucet water is not only its chemical composition but, above all, the structural arrangement of the molecules. This is obvious when comparing water crystals with the method of the Japanese scientist Masaru Emot, who dealt with the research of the molecular structure of water in depth.


All parts of the Via Human Harmonizer have a certificate for contact with drinking water. From the moment we receive your product, we provide you with 60 days to try and return your investment.


The ViaHuman Harmonizer is easy to install and is virtually maintenance-free. The stone does not settle on the inner parts. There is no need to invest in other filters or other components.


The harmonizer influences mainly the water flowing through it. Apart from this main function, it acts as a transmitter of positive and harmonizing energy on its surroundings, like orgonites or some shape radiators.


Harmonizer releases chlorine water thanks to effective swirl on natural principle. With the help of shungite, it influences heavy metals, crystallizes neutralizing negative information, and effects the text into memory of harmonizing information.


The lifetime of the harmonizer is determined by the lifetime of its components made of stainless steel, crystals and glass. By investing in a harmonizer, you will get quality water for life.

Positive emotions

Harmonizer is an effective way to improve your emotional state. Harmonizer is an effective way to improve your emotional state. Thanks to this device, you get a daily dose of encouraging and harmonizing information through several glasses of water.


The harmonizer multiplies the water purification capabilities. Its modified tap water is the most natural detoxifying agent for the human body, which consists of two thirds of water.