Harmonization Carafe

What is the essence of the ViaHuman Carafes´ effect?

Water has the ability to modify the structure of its molecules – called clusters – and store information in these arrangements.

The memory of water is described by Japanese visionary Masaru Emoto. The ice crystals of Masaru Emoto show a huge difference in water from water supply compared to water from natural sources.

The changes that water is going through before it reaches our water tap are startling, even though it is also originally drawn from a natural source. The effect of nature can certainly never be replaced. Harmonization means processes that aim to bring energy value and tap water structure to the level of natural spring water.

The purpose of our carafe is to revitalize water and restore its energy so that it is well received by
the cells of living organisms.

The shape of the ViaHuman Carafe is designed in such a way that the size and proportions of each stepped part of the carafe comply with natural patterns known as the Golden Section.

Information and energy quality of common tap water is regenerated and harmonized within minutes in the carafe.

In addition to the influence on water, our carafes are a beautiful proof of Czech glassmakers´ craftsmanship. Together with orgonite it creates an original, completely hand-crafted artefact.