By harmonizing or energizing of water we understand process that aim to bring structure and biological benefit of tap water to the level of natural spring water.

We were inspired by the visionary ideas of Viktor Schauberger and unique method discovered by Masaru Emoto. Cycloidal centripetal movement of water in combination with vibration of positive information is the main essence of process that we call harmonization of water.

Regular drinking of harmonized water can ultimately affect the lives of people in a positive direction.

Water is a real cure for life.


The word “design” for us means a beautiful thing which, apart from appearance, actually serves the purpose for which it was created. We create design things that make everyday human journey more relaxed, calmer and more cheerful.

The ViaHuman brand was founded in 2014. The impulse was our intention to create beautiful and efficient Czech things that will make us happy. That’s how we got into this, and we create with care, humility and respect for the personality of user.

Each product ViaHuman contains a piece of our creativity, energy and faith in unlimited possibilities of positive thought.